Ranger Rob




When it developed its hit preschool adventure series, Ranger Rob, prodco Nelvana tapped Relish to conceptualize, design, and develop the series’ digital extension. So we created a robust, immersive brand site along with three HTML5 games and a mobile app where kids learn about animals, plants, the environment, and discover the outdoors all with a splash of adventure.

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Interactive, replayable games

Our Season 1 activation helped to develop the Ranger Rob brand and build its audience, generated recognition for the newly developed television property, and extended the Ranger Rob brand into a highly interactive, replayable game experience, accessible from any connected device.

Mobile fun for
Season 2

Then for Season 2, we built a richly animated 3D setting, filled it with all of the world’s ecosystems and animals, threw in some exciting ranger vehicles and gadgets, and mixed in awesome activities, games, and augmented real-world exploration, in an all-new Ranger Rob: Big Sky Park mobile app. The app brings together a series of games in Big Sky Park that chart the hilarious and exciting day-to-day adventures of Ranger Rob and his friends.

Augmented reality

Kids join Ranger Rob and friends in a series of four games that include matching baby animals with their parents, learning about water conservation and problem solving, helping Stomper clean up the park by sorting trash from recyclables and compost, and riding along with Rob and Sam in an endless driving game. Players can even explore and customize an augmented reality terrarium full of creatures. They can use tokens from the games to upgrade their terrarium and evolve their collectible critters. The app provides fun, experiential games that are action-packed to keep the attention of older preschoolers as they train to become a Junior Ranger while exploring the crazy world of Ranger Rob.