Secrets of Gemina



Mysticons is an animated Nickelodeon and YTV series about four legendary warriors tasked with defending the mystical, magical realm of Gemina. Relish was tapped by creators Nelvana to design and develop a mobile app, a website, and a suite of HTML5 games to empower young audiences — especially girls — to play as their favourite Mysticons characters and see themselves as the hero in a video game.

The app

The Mysticons: Secrets of Gemina app is an epic team-based RPG following a parallel storyline to the events in season one. Players guide the heroes through a heroic quest to defeat evil and protect the realm while levelling up characters, exploring familiar locales from the series, and waging battles to collect epic loot for in-game power ups, equipment upgrades, and action skills.

Inclusive RPG

The roleplaying genre has historically appealed to female gamers, but the industry has massively lagged behind in actually making considerations for this demographic, especially at younger ages and in the mobile/casual sector. Secrets of Gemina aims to serve as an entry point for this huge yet marginalized swath of gamers, striking a nice balance between the complexity and nuance that makes RPGs interesting and something simple enough to be a player’s first introduction to the genre.

Web games

Along with the mobile game, we developed and launched the property’s website and a series of four web games set in the property’s vibrant fantasy world featuring a host of different game styles. The web games extend the Mysticons brand into a highly interactive, replayable game experience, which has proven a hit with its young audience.

Merchandise integration

We also worked with licensing partners to integrate scannable cards into the Mysticons toy line, by Playmates, and trading cards, by Topps to enhance the playing experience. The codes allow players to unlock special items within the game.




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