The Bagel and Becky Show



We teamed up with Teletoon, BBC Worldwide, and Boat Rocker to produce two games that capture the off-the-wall zany antics of their super-charged, offbeat animated comedy, The Bagel and Becky Show. Created by Dave Cooper (who also created Nickelodeon’s Pig Goat Banana Cricket), the series follows the misadventures of siblings Bagel the dog, Becky the cat, and their Mom as they try to make the world a better place.

Pancake Panic game page

Pancake Panic

Bizarro Hills game page

Bizarro Hills

Sticky, offbeat gameplay

In Pancake Panic, players help Mom keep Bagel and Becky scarfing down pancakes with a fast-paced switch-em-up style tapping game! And in Bizzaro Hills, Bagel is sucked through Cyril’s evil mirror and into Bizarro Hills, where everything is backwards! Playing as both Bagel AND Becky simultaneously, players must help both characters run through level after level in a wild platformer AT THE SAME TIME!

Innovative second-screen controller

While gameplay controllers are commonplace for console-based systems like the Playstation and Xbox, they are virtually non-existent in the casual web game space. So we built a unique, yet simple app to provide custom controls for either game online. Our Mister Controller app lets players use their phones as a game controller on their computer by seamlessly connecting to the player’s browser over Wi-Fi.

Fast and efficient development

Developing games for both online and native mobile platforms can be expensive as they often require two distinct teams of developers. However, we minimized our development time and increased our output by using Phaser, an HTML5 game framework, to develop the web games and then used to adapt our source code to a Cordova-based file structure ready for compiling into a native app. The result we achieved was a streamlined development process that got us two products much more quickly and saved our clients a bunch of money.