Monster Attack


Nickelodeon turned to Relish to conceptualize and develop an HTML5 game that was completely unique to their brand and online games platform. So we built a ridiculously sticky resource management game with an outrageous twist. Protect Swellview from the Popcorn Monster!

Resource management game

The Adventures of Kid Danger: Monster Attack! is a strategy base-building game where players get to help Kid Danger, Charlotte, Captain Man and Schwoz protect Swellview from the Popcorn Monster and other villains. Players work to build up rooms of the Man Cave, level up their characters, and gather materials to defeat the big baddies! But as the villains return time and again, players must defend and repair their base with increasing urgency.

Creator-approved Spine animation

Our talented team of in-house animators worked in Spine to produce rich, game-ready character animations that brought the game to life and garnered praise and approval from the show creator. Then our development team implemented the work in the Phaser HTML5 game engine.

Top Nickelodeon game

Monster Attack brings a proven format featuring a popular mechanic to a younger demographic and extends the reach of this broadcaster’s hit live action show beyond the small screen. To that end, the game has been localized for a global audience and is among the top games on Nickelodeon sites across the world.