Galactic Thunder Pony


The culmination of out-of-the-box thinking combined with emerging tech, Galactic Thunder Pony is a disruptive and irreverent creative concept we built into a Snapchat Game that blew our client’s socks off.

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Outrageous concept

We can make games in our sleep, but we needed to convince the savvy millennial demographic to stop what they’re doing and engage. So we developed an outrageous concept that would work both on the Snapchat platform and on mobile web.

8-bit arcade

A throwback to the classic 8-bit era, Galactic Thunder Pony is a modern-day hero galloping through the galaxy on a quest for freedom and independence from the nickel and dime tyranny of mobile contracts and telco mumbo-jumbo. The wildly fun and addictive game garnered a 10.5-minute average engagement rate!

Out-of-home activation

Boost Mobile loved our concept so much, they adapted our creative into a hugely successful out-of-home marketing campaign complete with subway platform takeovers in New York and Philadelphia. Each takeover featured Snapcodes to drive users directly into the experience. Combined with targeted Snap Ads, additional digital advertising, and geo-fencing campaigns, the campaign drew in more than 700,000 players over the first three months and drove high click-through rates to


Unique sessions in 3 months


Avg engagement time in minutes


Of the most successful SnapAd games in history