Helen’s Little School


In this creative hub, kids get to join Helen online in the classroom where they can play any of the six exciting games we developed for Muse Entertainment’s hit animated preschool series, Helen’s Little School (aka Wubby School).

Creating with Helen game page

Creating with Helen

The Class Photo with Helen game page

The Class Photo with Helen

Music Class with Helen game page

Music Class with Helen

Quiz Time with Helen game page

Quiz Time with Helen

Gardening with Helen game page

Gardening with Helen

Crafts with Helen game page

Crafts with Helen

Sparking imagination

The website and games build on the themes from the show where five-year-old Helen dreams of being a teacher. Through the magic of imagination, she does just that by pushing the rainbow button. But her class is not ordinary since Helen’s Little School is the only school… for toys!

Educational games

In the HTML5 games, kids discover how helping and listening to each other is the best way to learn, whether it is how to get a good school year group photo or how to create music together. Kids earn fun rewards as they explore and learn.

Loads of fun

Players can choose a character and join Helen for a pop-quiz or snap the perfect class picture for the yearbook. They can take part in arts and crafts or take a trip to the relaxation room where everything is chill. Or strum the strings in music class then head outside to plant a garden with friends. There is only one rule in the imaginary world of Helen’s Little School — have fun!