Party Time

It’s My Party


As a companion game to Bristow Global Media’s (BGM) original series, It’s My Party!, we concepted, designed, and built Party Time! which provides kids the perfect vehicle for exploring the diverse cultural and religious communities who make Canada their home.

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Celebrate multiculturalism

It’s My Party is a 13 x 22-minute unscripted series for kids ages six to nine that takes viewers into different communities across Canada to explore a variety of cultural celebrations and ceremonies. The Party Time! game lets kids explore, customize, and design their own celebrations by mixing and matching elements from the different events the show covers.

Customization game

From the Hindu Festival of Holi and Bat Mitzvah to Kwanzaa and the Vietnamese Moon Festival, players can personalize and host their party by selecting cultural elements like decor, food, and music from the many events in the show while developing an understanding of how traditions and events contribute to and enrich Canadian society.

Top-performing game

The game was one of’s top-performing games of 2018, with a 95% play-through rate. When TVOKids greenlit a second season of the show, BGM tapped us again to expand the game to include more cultural events, including Pride Festival, Carnival, and Día de Muertos.