BotShop, or RoBOTiK in French, is a 52-episode animated preschool series from Cheshire Smile Animation. The non-verbal show follows a young robot girl named Beka and her dog-bot Bubo as they help their robot friends with repairs and upgrades at their Robotik Lab.

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Robot workshop

As a companion to the show for Télévision française de l’Ontario (TFO) and ICI Radio Canada Télé (SRC), Relish developed an HTML5 game that lets kids take Becca’s place in the Lab. Using intuitive single-input controls, players can build their own robots and swap and upgrade parts in an interactive version of the BotShop universe.

Build and test

Like the show, the experience happens through a nonverbal interface and lets players experiment with their robots in a test environment. The game is built with 2D sprites and in-house Spine animation, but works using a physics engine that helps kids explore cause and effect. Kids can build their analytical skills through observation and experimentation.

Endless creativity

The game is basic enough for young users but has enough variation in play that even older kids can engage their creativity and imaginations. The experience comes to life when robots interact with items in the test environment.