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Go Green


When Sesame Workshop and PBS KIDS needed a partner to conceptualize and develop a suite of games to celebrate Earth Day and provide the perfect introduction to environmental awareness, they chose Relish for our expertise in engaging digital content that generates awesome results.

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Celebrates Earth Day

Sesame Street: Go Green stars the lovable, furry old Grover — a self-declared Champion of the Environment! With a little help from Elmo, Oscar, Abby, and kids everywhere he turns his best (but bungling) intentions into real action to help the planet! Kids and families can celebrate Earth Day together through a fun collection of three games that entertain, educate, and empower children aged 3 to 5 in learning how they can pitch in to help Sesame Street — and every street — stay beautiful and clean.

Entertaining and educational

In Trash Blast, kids learn about environmental stewardship and what it means to keep their neighbourhood clean. They help Oscar do his part to clean up the park and sort the trash from recyclables and compost. In Lights Out, kids help Elmo conserve energy and water around his apartment in a fun hidden object game.


And in Planter Party, kids get to learn there are lots of different ways to help the planet. In this case they get to help Abby turn trash into treasure by upcycling containers to make a customized window planter. As a side benefit, kids learn all about how plants contribute to a healthy ecosystem by planting flowers and veggies in Abby’s garden. For each game they complete, kids earn a sticker for their Earth Day ribbon.

Built for kids

Each game’s creative and interaction choices are based on years of deep understanding of preschoolers’ intellectual developmental stages, interaction abilities, and understanding of sticky (and ethical) play patterns and reward mechanics.