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Leaning on our accessibility expertise, PBS affiliate THIRTEEN/WNET New York tapped Relish to design and build a “born accessible” web game for the Emmy Award-winning PBS KIDS series Cyberchase. The series inspires children 6-8 to approach math with enthusiasm, confidence and a “can-do” attitude. It shows kids that math is everywhere, and everyone can be good at it!

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Born accessible games

“Born accessible” refers to a growing movement that encourages digital content creators to consider the needs and experiences of users with disabilities from the start of a project so accessibility features are “baked into” the project as it is being developed. The accessibility features are included from the initial testing phase and refined as the project develops so that the needs of users with disabilities are met.

Math and the environment

With the goal of seamlessly embedding accessibility features into the digital experience, the game incorporates accessibility features for children with a variety of physical and cognitive abilities. Our game extends the show’s themes of math and the environment and incorporates accessible data visualization, requiring the analysis or decoding of informational graphics such as graphs, charts, tables, etc. as an integral game component. The game is available now at and on the PBS KIDS Games mobile app.


Gold Medal, K-12 Education award badge

2022 Serious Play Awards

Best User Experience, Games award badge

2022 Webby Awards Honoree

We were impressed with (their) creativity and thoughtfulness… and appreciated the care they showed in their approach to the math and environmental science content and the various accessibility features we wanted to include.

Michelle Chen

Senior Producer, Kids’ Media & Education, Thirteen/WNET New York

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Relish delivered a high-quality game that seamlessly incorporates accessibility features, educational content, and game play.

Hana Yoo

Assistant Director of Content, PBS KIDS Digital