Where Oliver Fits

Puzzle Party


Based on the eponymous children’s books by Cale Atkinson, Where Oliver Fits is Portfolio Entertainment’s 9 x 2.5’ animated series of shorts that follows the playroom adventures of Oliver, a peppy plunky puzzle piece. It’s a show about fitting in — no matter your shape or size — and being OK with who you are.

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Match-2 puzzler

Building on those themes, Relish built a fun HTML5 match-2 puzzler game for broadcast partner Treehouse. Sometimes it can be hard to know where exactly you fit in, but in this game players can make sure everyone is counted in four fun playroom scenes.

Build a scene

First, players are presented with a scene from the show but discover Oliver and some of his friends — like Marble Sisters, the trains, the building blocks — are missing. It’s up to them to build the scene by making matches with a set of face-down cards. Players flip two cards over to make a match. A successful match places the revealed character back into the scene with a poof of magic!

High replayability value

Once all the matches have been made, the scene is complete. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Instead, the scene breaks apart into puzzle pieces. Kids can play over and over again as puzzles and match-2 games increase in difficulty. The game challenges kids’ memory, matching, image recognition, problem solving, persistence, spatial awareness skills.