Leo’s FishFinders

Leo’s FishHeads


Leo’s FishFinders is an educational companion game to Fifth Ground Entertainment’s Leo’s FishHeads live action documentary adventure series exploring the aquatic wonders of Canada.

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Discover aquatic life

In Leo’s FishFinders, players travel across the country’s provinces and territories, and head out on amazing adventures where they get their hands wet with our young hosts, Sayat and Christian and their animated buddy Leo the Catfish. Each level introduces players to a new watery friend to help. Players are challenged to tag and monitor fish, remove invasive species, and clean up Canada’s rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Help the environment

The game builds on the educational content from the TVOKids series and lets kids join the FishHeads Explorer Club, get a first-hand look at each featured creature, the challenges it faces, and discover what they can do to help. The game is meant to inspire kids to become environmental stewards, encouraging them to get involved in protecting waterways in their own communities and the creatures that call them home.