Escape to Pil Country


When Sid Lee decided to up its beer game for client Molson Coors, the agency came to Relish to build a lager than life, tongue-in-cheek, absurdist game that played into the brand voice of Molson’s Old Style Pilsner. They needed us to go ale out to create more hopportunities to connect with millennials.

Absurd adventure game

Welcome to Pil Country where everything is beer and the beer is pretty darn good. It’s also wet and slippery and hard to hold onto. Yeah, it’s not all roses, bud. Deal with it. An escape to Pil Country comes with a mission. And it’s fraught with peril and pitfalls. And beer — called Liquid Gold in these parts.

Oregon Trail meets beer and bunnies

The concept, inspired by the 1971 classic 21st century pioneer simulation series, The Oregon Trail, challenges players to deliver kegs of Pilsner to the top of Mount Pil. The 8-bit adventure narrative game has players making decisions as they encounter bunny beer bandits, drifters, and raging rivers of… Beer. What else? Along the way players must avoid hazards, collect Liquid Gold in the form of Pilsner cans, and maintain their vehicle as they navigate through the rugged countryside and up the mountain.

Social promo

The campaign, which was cross-promoted on social and with targeted digital ads, drove awesome results in site visits and increased average on-page times substantially. The Old Style Pilsner marketing team challenged players to post a screenshot of their score to be featured on the game’s high score list, which drove further excitement and engagement. They also gave social shoutouts to players who beat the game and found easter eggs.

Relish is full of amazingly creative, smart, and funny people. We appreciate the collaboration so, so much. We really couldn’t have done this anywhere else.

Joshua Dornan

Art Director, Sid Lee