CFL Football Frenzy


When the Canadian Football League reached out to Relish to develop a product that builds on the company’s strategy to reach younger audiences and expand its digital presence across multiple channels, our team put a winning game plan together to help the League move the goalposts with millennials.

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Shootout style
arcade game

A fast-paced shootout style arcade game, CFL Football Frenzy connects this iconic Canadian brand to a new generation of football fans. It’s a uniquely fast, fun, and creative multiplayer game that takes fandom to a new level.

Build your team

Users can create and customize their own Rookie and build out their 17-man team by collecting and opening card packs. Each card represents one of more than 140 CFL players and are available in a base Bronze card, Silver, and Gold. Select players are available in rare Diamond cards and give players extra XP to help lead a team to a Grey Cup victory in season mode.

Multiplayer mode

In multiplayer mode, friends can challenge each other to fierce battles on the gridiron. With quick play action, explosive power-ups, and fast-paced football, players can fully control their QB to scramble out of the pocket and make huge plays. Experience unique Canadian gameplay with a wider field, waggles and Rouges. Play all sides of the ball in authentic 3 down action.

Monetization strategy

To build on the success to date and monetize the app, Relish developed a comprehensive IAP strategy for CFL that includes the use of in-app ads as well as an in-game economy. Players earn “Soft Currency” through gameplay while “Hard Currency” can only be purchased through an IAP to speed up in-game progression.