The Plaques Shack


One of the world’s largest biotechnology companies tapped Relish to help kids suffering from plaque psoriasis. The goal was to teach them and their parents more about the autoimmune disease and how it can be treated.

Distilling complicated info

Most pharma companies are struggling to effectively communicate some of the more critical information about their products to consumers in a meaningful way. That means patients and caregivers have to navigate through pages and pages of confusing materials on the web. There’s just too much information — and regulations are super tight about how big pharma markets their products.

Storytelling platform

The PsOps are a crew of science-minded super heroes that help parents and children understand what it means to have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis and how Amgen’s biologic called ENBREL works to treat it. Relish created a storytelling adventure platform for Amgen to bring these characters to life through a series of interactive choose-your-own-adventure stories where users make choices that affect the story and its outcome.

Narrative adventure game

With a combination of branching narrative, animated motion comics, and a series of mini-games, kids get to follow along on a character’s patient journey as he is diagnosed and treated for psoriasis. The narrative puts users in control and a series of interactive game experiences help reinforce important information about Psoriasis treatment and the benefits of choosing Enbrel.

The Results

We developed everything from the creative concept, scripts, game design and development, to regulatory approval and compliance documentation. The experience drove improved sign ups to Amgen’s CRM and had excellent play through rates.