Salesforce Digital Transformation

Marketing and sales tools for the global leader in CRM

The Challenge

Salesforce’s Public Sector group has the complex task of convincing government agencies, their CIOs, and IT teams that now is the time for digital transformation. And the best way to transform? You guessed it. With Salesforce’s powerful customer relationship management platform.

The Solution

From Event Marketing to App Development, we’ve done it all. The PubSec group has been growing at an unprecedented rate and Relish has been providing ongoing strategic and digital support since 2015. We launched a variety of interactive digital products including proof of concept sales demos, marketing collateral, videos, animated content, and mixed reality apps.

The Results

In our work for the 2019 Salesforce World Tour, we built an interactive activation that leveraged the brand’s much-loved mascots in an animated narrative to draw users into interactive product demos that showcase how Salesforce cloud technology provides innovative and efficient ways for governments to meet growing user demands.

And throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we provided extensive video support as events and marketing efforts moved fully online, collaborating with their team on everything from scripting, storyboarding, motion graphics, editing, and acquiring screen captures, b-roll, and voice talent.

Mmm… Let’s make delicious digital stuff!

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