The Challenge

With so many mobile carrier options available to Canadian consumers, Telus needed a means of attracting the attention of the sales people within the highly competitive retail environment to help them differentiate the benefits of its fighter brand Koodo Mobile. The challenge? Current learning tools for these sales teams were falling flat due to dull execution, and old methodologies.

The Solution

Relish helped invigorate this specific need by creating a highly engaging and addictive ‘mobile learning game’ featuring Koodo’s breakout star, El Tabador. Users are challenged to help El Tabador spread the word about Koodo mobile through an endless runner game play, where collecting coins results in real world prizes. Opportunities to communicate and test brand values and awareness are scattered through the game, and integrated to drive longer engagement, and greater understanding.

Building brand advocates

Our team helped devise the game premise, learning mechanisms and overall design, as well as execution of the entire project for deployment to both a desktop browser as well as on mobile devices. Built-in analytics allowed us to measure key metrics to determine the uptake of the new game, in-game time, success rates and points of failure, all with an eye towards further developing this platform as the long term portal for training and engagement. By consolidating employee training, engagement, communication, and rewards, the gamified campaign helped turn store associates into brand advocates.

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