The Challenge

Hubbell Power Systems is a global leader in the power systems industry. It manufactures innovative products that support the power utility, communications, civil construction, residential construction, transportation, gas and water industries. Their products are innumerable, so showcasing them is a particular difficult task for its sales representatives.

The Solution

Hubbellville is an iOS app that revolutionizes the way Hubbell Power Systems showcases their vast catalog of infrastructure products. In support of their sales team and marketing efforts, we created a 3D world that inspires sales reps to tell the brand story and what sets their products apart. The fully 3D experience was created in Unity and demonstrates how many of Hubbell’s key technologies are used daily to help keep cities all across America humming. Users can travel between markets, zoom in for details, and even view 360° closeups and spec sheets for featured products.

Blown Away!! This app had me in awe. The attention to detail and how smooth the app worked had me and my buddies actually playing with this app.


App Store Review

Mmm… Let’s make delicious digital stuff!

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