The Challenge

When worldwide medical cost containment company Global Excel needed help creating a new brand and product to deliver healthcare, safety, and security solutions worldwide, they came to Relish for our expertise in branding and product development.

The Solution

After establishing the AgileIS brand identity, core values, and its long-term brand strategy, we set out to build its flagship platform, Colibri. The white-label enterprise app provides an easy-to-use, one-stop solution for employees to access medical assistance, emergency services, and security information wherever they are in the world.

AI-Based Triage

When users find themselves in need of healthcare, the app’s AI-based triage algorithm guides users to the most appropriate level of care based on symptoms and location. The services are delivered using Global Excel’s extensive provider network.

Predictive Safety Scores

Because it’s not always apparent when travelling abroad, the app also gives users one-click access to local emergency numbers, anywhere in the world. Integrated with services such as Apple Maps, Google Maps, Uber, The Transit App, and Lyft, the app also features predictive safety scores based on aggregated public and private data for over 65,000 neighbourhoods across the globe.

The Results

Rather than offering out-of-the-box products, AgileIS is now equipped to provide enterprise clients with a service-based solution that is tailored to meet each of their precise needs. The Colibri platform ensures that organizations can take care of their employees wherever they are. With dynamically updated safety scores, AI-powered medical assistance, and integration with existing insurance providers, Colibri offers peace of mind for a global workforce.

The Relish team is collaborative, flexible to changing priorities, and consistently deliver designs that receive high praise from our users!

Matthew Gaetz

Director of Product Management, Agile Intelligence Solutions

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