Ficto Website Redesign

A fresh new look for a fresh new streaming service

The Challenge

Launched in March 2020, Ficto is the world’s first free, interactive mobile streaming network. Offering new shows every week from both established Hollywood talent and emerging artists, the platform’s premium content is produced exclusively for mobile. But when the company recognized their website wasn’t performing with their target demographic, they tapped Relish to redesign and redevelop the site with a laser focus on fast, responsive performance.

The Solution

Reimagining the place Ficto could occupy in its audience’s minds, Relish reimagined the brand aesthetic and developed a completely new high-quality, modern design system. We also reorganized the site’s pages in a logical and intuitive way to make it easier for visitors to recognize the platform’s value proposition. With the overhauled UX and UI, we added clear calls to action in key places throughout the site to drive app downloads.

The Results

Relish built a static site using a headless content management system that pulls show content and imagery directly from the app’s CMS, and redeployed within a tight three week turnaround — just in time for a marquee show launch.

Relish was a great partner. They were super creative, fast, and had a keen sense of what works for today’s streaming market.

Marc Rashba

Head of Marketing, Ficto

Mmm… Let’s make delicious digital stuff!

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