The Challenge

Galactic Lazer Stallion is a fictional hair band developed by Iris Worldwide as part of its “Power Play” campaign to help sales reps get up to speed on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 and the Galaxy Note20. When the team at Iris needed help bringing their creative concept to life in the digital realm, they tapped Relish to design and build a fun, over-the-top throwback game to turn the training up to 11!

The Solution

It’s training so hardcore, you’ll beg for an encore. Frontman Jet Janson has mere minutes to get from the Mystic Green Room to the stage and join the rest of Galactic Lazer Stallion in unleashing face-melting device training into the world at large. Can you Storm the Stage?

The Results

In a tight turnaround, we built a retro 8-bit runner that turns device training and product knowledge into a headbangers’ ball. Users play as frontman Jet Janson, who has to dodge obstacles and raving fans to make it to the stage. Along the way, power ups and pickups help educate sales reps on device features and hardware knowledge.

Virtual training allows us to reach a much broader audience—in our case, sales reps across the nation—and it provides a much more comprehensive experience. Most importantly, the content lives longer as it’s all digital.

Lyndsey Williams

Regional Sales Director, Samsung

Mmm… Let’s make delicious digital stuff!

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