The Challenge

MedicineX is an educational digital platform that connects patients with meaningful, easy-to-understand information about a variety of health issues. Illustrated as motion comics, the platform explains complex medical information through storytelling. It features real stories created with a team of doctors, artists, and creative writers to help patients feel informed and empowered, so they can take part in their medical decisions.

The Solution

We’ve built and maintained a network of nearly 10 condition-specific websites to host these interactive stories on WordPress multisite using a robust WP theme that allows the client to easily build and customize new network sites using a collection of page modules. Modules can be arranged and placed like building blocks for each site.

The Results

Online engagement metrics have been so impressive, MedicineX tasked Relish with contributing to the creative content and technology strategy to help reach a larger audience. We’ve since expanded into apps, like the Kidney Transplant Xplained app, which was designed specifically for kidney transplant recipients and their caregivers, both for use prior and after their operations.

Released in 2018, the app features an interactive and informative story based on real patients, a gamified medicine tracker, an appointment calendar, tips and advice, patient notes, and a simple social system with their supporters. We’ve also started to explore additional health and wellness features such as a symptom diary, help locating a specialist near you, and a self-diagnosis quiz.

Mmm… Let’s make delicious digital stuff!

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