The Challenge

Large employers like Walmart or Starbucks receive over one million resumes a year, and often, over 70 percent of these applications go untouched. Ideal is a comprehensive digital service providing a full suite of recruiting and hiring tools that harness the power of AI and machine learning for high-volume recruiting for companies like Netflix, DHL, and Royal Bank. But Ideal needed an experienced digital partner to help showcase its services to prospective clients and help raise capital.

The Solution

So Relish partnered with Ideal to provide all its digital solutions, including a fully responsive site with HTML5 animated elements, a fully native app for iOS and Android, as well as complete branding and design support. We also produced a series of fully animated ‘explainer’ videos describing the company and the company’s services simply and clearly for prospective users.

The Results

Our work for Ideal helped the company achieve its mission to provide customers with powerful, actionable workforce insights to drive fair, accurate, and equitable decision making and help them achieve long-term organizational success. In a match made in HR heaven, the company was acquired by payroll and workforce management juggernaut Ceridian in 2021.

Mmm… Let’s make delicious digital stuff!

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