The Challenge

Iris Automation may have won the race to bring to market a key technology that allows unmanned aircraft to safely fly beyond line of sight (BVLOS), at scale. So when the San Francisco tech company needed a new website to showcase their artificial intelligence and avionics safety products, its marketing partner Willis Collaborative turned to Relish.

The Solution

With a hyper focus on creating a simple to navigate, easy-to-use, lead-generating site, Relish set out to communicate Iris as a clear leader in this nascent industry. Our team helped design and develop new landing pages with a clear visual and information hierarchy that drives users to connect with Iris’ trusted aviation product and policy specialists.

The Results

As a key piece in the company’s marketing efforts, the landing pages were designed to highlight the company’s Casia cutting-edge collision avoidance product, which allows uncrewed aircraft to see and react to the aviation environment around it. The new pages were developed to easily launch targeted marketing campaigns, gather leads, and integrate with their CRM.

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