The Challenge

ReLISTO, one of San Francisco’s largest Real Estate Leasing Companies, uses technology to better lease property with online tools and services for landlords and renters. But the Bay Area is a market that moves with lightning-fast speed and there’s a seemingly endless list of apps and online tools competing for every consumer.

The Solution

So when ReLISTO and partner agency Tractor Studios needed some help to better connect apartment owners directly with long-term renters, they leaned on Relish for our expertise in UI/UX design and development. Relish expertly built and designed ReLISTO’s fully-responsive website and a series of intuitive online tools like the SF Rental Calculator to help place tenants with the right properties and support landlords.

The Results

Built on WordPress, the site interfaces with a third-party real estate listing service to import and sync ReLISTO’s listings on their website to ensure they’re accurate and up-to-date. A native messaging system allows renters to communicate directly with owners. And ReLISTO’s utility continues even after a tenant moves in, with a secure payment system that gives users the option to pay rent through the site.

Mmm… Let’s make delicious digital stuff!

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