The Client

From cloud computing to big data and analytics, Dell and partner agency Willis Collaborative have turned to Relish for years to help distill detailed, technical communications into engaging, thought-provoking marketing videos for a wide range of audiences across the globe.

The Work

As a trusted partner for more than 4 years, our work has been viewed millions of times and continues to help drive business. Most recently, Relish produced a series of videos for its powerful new server and for awareness campaigns on the topics of IT transformation and dynamic data protection. The company’s goal to convince clients to buck the status quo and hop on their products took shape in a series of pre-roll videos and dynamic social ads that communicated the tangible benefits through real stories. The result was a powerful showcase of how Dell’s products and services can help enterprise businesses succeed in an ever-advancing digital world.

Mmm… Let’s make delicious digital stuff!

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