Rocket Cartoons joins Relish

6 February 2020

The Relish family got a bit bigger today! Costa Rica-based Rocket Cartoons has officially come on board and joins our existing animation team – giving a serious boost to our 2d and 3d pipelines.

Oh, did we mention that Costa Rica has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world? But that wasn’t a factor. This was purely a “business” decision. Honest…

Rocket Cartoons is a talented team of artists and creators who was the first original content studio in Costa Rica. They are best known for high-quality short-form work such as Kip Van Creepy (DreamWorksTV) and Terror in Doomsville (Cartoon Network) and have seen their shows sold into more than 40 territories worldwide.

We joke about the beach (kinda), but Relish CEO Paul Pattison and Rocket COO Leo Trinidad first met in hotter climes at the 2018 Kidscreen conference in Miami. They hit it off right away and here we are.

The addition of the Rocket crew to the Relish team comes after both teams worked together over the past two years on successful projects including, the Kidscreen award-nominated 2D series Treasure X and CG series Kindi Kids (both for Moose Toys). Each property has racked up more than 30 million views on YouTube! Rocket’s skills help round out Relish’s 2D and 3D animation capabilities and up our ability to create original content that travels well globally.

Right out of the gates, Relish + Rocket will be working on a big co-production of “Super Punch” — a 2D animated digital series for kids in for Cartoon Network Latin America.

Welcome Rocket Cartoons to the Relish family!

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