New Vancouver Island Studio

15 June 2020

We decided to embrace island life and have opened a new animation studio on Vancouver Island to meet growing demand. The new space is in Duncan, BC which is situated in the scenic Cowichan Valley. In charge of the new studio are Relish CEO, Paul Pattison and Chief Creative Officer, Russ Uttley, who both live and work in the Vancouver area.

There are quite a few reasons that Vancouver Island makes a perfect base for our west coast animation operations. For current and new talent joining the Relish family, it provides an incredible (and beautiful) backdrop. Achieving and maintaining a healthy work-life balance is important to us here at Relish and being on Vancouver Island certainly delivers in that regard. Not to mention, the cost of living in Duncan is significantly less than in Vancouver.

And speaking of Vancouver, the new Duncan studio is close enough to be considered part of Vancouver’s vibrant entertainment industry, and we’ve installed all the fancy infrastructure needed to give us a seamless connection to the city and beyond. Oh, and LA isn’t that far away either.

Lastly, we want to help grow and contribute to the animation community on Vancouver Island. There isn’t a studio like ours there, but there are LOTS of talented people we’d love the chance to work with. The new Duncan studio will augment our capacity for service projects and is in pre-production on our first original animated feature. Things are busy and the Relish family is growing! We’re currently hiring for a variety of roles — check us out and come join the team.

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